There, there now is born out of a desire to identify and advocate for artists engaging the medium of photography; specifically those whose work evades easy classification within the accepted structures of photographic convention.

There, there now exists to advance the awareness and acceptance of photographic modes of production [and their resulting output] which are often relegated to a gray area of in-between by the overwhelmingly conservatively minded institutions charged with the task of supporting, preserving and advancing photography.

There, there now exercises a particular interest in the dissemination of the photographic through more or less democratic channels:

There, there now desires not to build a functional definition of photography but rather to support a level of comfort with an amorphous notion of photographic ontology.

There, there now is guided by [but hopefully not limited by] a history of writing and critical consideration of the art practice generally and specific inquiry into the ontology of the photographic media.

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17-20 September 2015 — The New York Art Book Fair: Artist's Books Cooperative Table